Beaches and Parks

The area around Omaha is blessed with beautiful beaches. Omaha Beach itself is at our doorstep only a few hundred metres walk away across the reserve and down the boardwalk. Stretching for four kilometres the sheltered bay provides wonderful swimming, fishing and can also provide some stunning surf. The surf club is based about halfway along the beach and it is here that the best breaks can be found. This area is also patrolled by surf lifesavers for safe swimming. The whole beach is gently shelving and safe for little ones to play under parents watchful eyes. The water is crystal clear and you can often see fish swimming along with you.

Tawharanui Beach

Tawharanui is a stunning regional park a few kilometres from Omaha that is well worth a vist. Set on a remote peninsula, Tawharanui Regional Park boasts some of the Auckland region’s most beautiful white sand beaches, rolling pastures, shingled bays native coastal forest and regenerating wetlands. The 588-hectare park is New Zealand’s first integrated open sanctuary (mainland island) where farming, public recreation and conservation of native species combine. The name Tawharanui refers to “the abundant bracts of the kiekie vine”. The iconic Anchor Bay is named after the anchor of the Phoenix, a vessel wrecked on the Tawharanui coastline in 1879. Tawharanui Regional Park is also an Open Sanctuary, where native plants and animals including kiwi can live and breed successfully without the threat of predators.

Goat Island Marine Reserve is another wonderful place for those keen to snorkel and see life under the waves. Goat Island Marine Reserve was the first marine reserve established in New Zealand in 1975. It protects 547 hectares of sea and shore, spanning from Cape Rodney to Okakari Point, including the waters around Goat Island and 800m from shore and is run by DOC.Marine reserves are designated areas of sea and coastline, and are ‘no-take’ areas. All marine life is protected and it is prohibited to take, kill or collect anything from the beach or water. The marine life has been left to flourish and wonderful varieties of fish life can be seen.

Pakiri beach during summer.

Magnificent Pakiri Beach deserves a mention – it about 30 minutes drive beyond Leigh. The road is unsealed in places and can be hilly and windy so not so good for littlies who suffer from car sickness. However, once there a long, unspoilt and remote beach awaits you where you can roam to your hearts content. There is a holiday park located there and it can be busy during the peak season but the rest of the time the beach is deserted. Take some snacks and a drink or a full picnic with you.

Other smaller beaches are all around – Baddeleys Beach, Matheson Bay, Snells Beach, Sandspit to name a few.

Matheson Bay

Baddeley’s Beach