International Visitors

Map showing proximity to Auckland and the airport

Where are we?

For the benefit of our international visitors we are 75km north of Auckland and by car it generally takes 1 hour 15mins to get here from Auckland City. Allow another 30 mins if travelling from the airport. This means it is an extremely convenient location with easy access to the city and also a good stopover if you are travelling further north to the Bay of Islands. Aucklanders flock to Omaha in the summer months and weekends yet with over 4km of bay at Omaha and many other lovely beaches to choose from it never gets crowded.

Not generally featured much in international itineraries the whole area of Warkworth, Matakana, Omaha and Leigh (part of Rodney Region) is a small paradise of beautiful while sand beaches, arts and crafts, vineyards, village shops and cafes, wonderful walks with amazing scenery in the regional parks, a haven for bird life at Tawharenui, marine reserve at Goat Island and of course fantastic fishing beyond the reserve. Why wouldn’t you visit?

Take some time out from your visits to the thermal wonderlands, must see Bay of Islands, sandhills of Cape Reinga and ninety mile beach and enjoy a kiwi holiday as the kiwis do.